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Erikson Outdoor Photography is on vacation
from Friday, June 14 - Monday, June 24.


I have always loved the outdoors and capturing images of nature on film or pixels.  I still remember a field trip to Sturbridge Village when I was in Elementary school.  I had borrowed my dad's Polaroid camera to record some memories of the field trip.  When I stopped to take a picture, my teacher would yell back, "David, hurry up."  Years later, in Yellowstone National Park, as I was waiting for some clouds to move so the sun would shine on the Upper Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, I heard that all too familiar cry, but this time it was, "Dad, hurry up."


As an undergrad, I took a course on Johann Sebastian Bach. In the textbook I read that at the beginning of every piece, including practice pieces for his students, he wrote the intials J. J. (Jesu Juve – Jesus help). At the end of each piece he would write, S. D. G. (Soli Deo Gloria – to God alone the glory). It made a powerful impression on me. I say this because when I go outdoors I see the work of an amazingly, creative Artist. My goal as an outdoor photographer is to capture the beauty of the work of that Artist. When I go out to shoot, I pray that God will give me eyes to see and if I am able to capture even a little bit of the beautiful work of that Artist with my camera then what can I say but,

“Soli Deo Gloria.”


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